“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Mt 5:8)

Protecting biblical sex and gender in our churches, families, and communities

Protecting our Leaders and our Children • Equipping Believers • Promoting a Movement

Today’s world is filled with sexual images, temptations, and unbiblical sex and gender ideologies that seek to destroy our leaders, children, and communities. Unfortunately, the prevailing Church culture has often been ineffective against these threats as we often wait until great damage has already been done before we begin to do anything.  

In contrast, our innovative approach is proactive and preventative to help protect your people from these deceptions Before It Begins to do great damage. That’s what sets Before It Begins apart as an invaluable partner for you to protect and promote biblical sex and gender in your Christian church, ministry, or organization.

Pastor Ed Schutte

Co-Founder, President

Pastor Sam Gallucci

Co-Founder, Board Member

of pastors admit they have struggled with pornography
of divorce cases involved one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.
The average age of first exposure to pornography
of teens report they are exposed to pornography at school on a regular basis.
of Millennials believe that gender is not binary but exists on a spectrum.

Personal Protection Programs

Protecting our leaders and our people from falling prey to sexual temptation and sin

A relational and transformative program made by ministers for ministers

We believe that all of us are regularly exposed to sexual images and temptation. . . few of us have a safe place to go to receive support. . . and none of us were meant to fight this fight alone. This is especially true for our pastors and ministry leaders who often experience more frequent attacks and typically have greater consequences for moral failure. This is why our Personal Protection Programs are built with the unique needs of pastors and ministry leaders in mind.  In fact, our care staff are pastors and ministry leaders themselves.

Our Personal Protection Programs are available for men and women in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and are COMPLIMENTARY and CONFIDENTIAL for the pastors and ministers of our partnering denominations and networks. Our proactive and biblical approach emphasizes prayer, spiritual warfare, and the building up of our identity in Christ, all ministered in the context of deep relationship and accountability.

Check out this testimony from one of our program participants: Personal  Protection Program — Pastor Testimony

Four levels of care for your unique needs:

Anonymous Helpline (for program inquiry and prayer)

Anonymity, Compassion, Listening, Encouragement, Hope

IronMan Program (to resist sexual temptation)

Biblical Accountability, Prayer

Path to Restoration (PTR) Program (for habitual sexual sin)

Assessments, Progress Reports, 24/7 Crisis Support, Spiritual Care, Coaching

PTR Program with counseling (for chronic sexual sin)

Includes access to Certified Sex Addiction Therapists

Protecting Our Children

From oversexualization and gender confusion

Children are today’s targets for sexually explicit, deviant, and destructive images and messages. The culture, through all forms of media and even public school curriculum, seeks to indoctrinate children with unbiblical sex and gender ideologies that can result in irreversible damage. We must protect our children from this oversexualization and gender confusion.

To protect our children from these threats, Before It Begins equips parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to more effectively raise kids that will pursue God’s heart and design for our sexuality and gender.



• Discipling your kids in an oversexualized, gender-confused world
• How to Talk to your Kids about Sex and Gender


Other digital and print resources

And more!

Listen to this testimony from one of our hosting pastors: Parent Workshop Testimony

Discipleship Programs to Equip the Church

We provide numerous discipleship resources and events that inspire personal repentance and equip all believers to protect and promote biblical sexuality and gender. All of our trainings are biblical, practical, and encouraging and we always partner with your leadership team for ministry during the event and appropriate follow up afterwards. 

Check out this testimony from one of our hosting pastors: Discipleship Program Testimony


For Church & Ministry Leaders

• How to Create a Culture of Biblical Sex & Gender in the Church
• Leadership training
• Sexual Restoration and Ministry Training
• Deeper Prayer & Spiritual Warfare
• LGBTQ Special Topics

For all Believers

• THE RETURN of the Imago Dei Conferences: Practical Training to Create a Biblical Sexual Revolution
• Be Holy, for I am Holy workshops (resisting sexual temptation and sin and ministering to others in need)
• God’s Beautiful Design for our Sex & Gender
• Demonstrating Truth in Love to LGBTQ Ideology and People
• Purity and Holiness Conferences

For Men

• BRANCHman Rescue Crusades

For the Youth

• Standing for Truth & Walking in Righteousness

And Much More!

Our unique approach produces results!

  • Over 2,000 hours of care provided to over 100 pastors and ministry leaders
  • 75% of those we serve fully graduate from our restorative programs within two years and some have even gone on to join our care team to serve others.
  • 100% of the people we serve report a deeper relationship with God, a greater understanding of how to overcome temptation, and a meaningful increase in overall wellness.
  • Over 500 children saved from oversexualization and gender confusion

“The Before It Begins team brought a lot of timely messages and really challenged us to think about how we present sexuality in our churches and homes”

“As a pastor, there are very few safe places to talk about temptation. So to protect me and my family, I contacted Before It Begins. They provided me a safe place for accountability and friendship. It has been extremely helpful experience.”

“Just knowing someone cares and is going to call me later this week makes all the difference in the world”

“I can’t remember when I’ve had this much growth in my life”

“I’ve been looking for someone for years that I could share my struggle with, but couldn’t find anyone that I felt safe to trust, until I called Before It Begins.”

“My advocate has helped me understand how to engage in spiritual warfare in my pursuit of freedom from pornography”

Who Should Contact Before it Begins

Before It Begins is a valuable partner to help you promote a movement of biblical sex and gender in your church, ministry, or Christian organization. We serve:

  • Denominations
  • Regions
  • Networks
  • Local churches
  • Missions organizations
  • Associations
  • Universities
  • Homeschool networks
  • Parents’ groups
  • And more!

For Ministers who want support to resist sexual temptation and sin. . . we implore you to call Before It Begins.

Here is what you can expect:

  • You will not be required to give your name or location
  • We will listen with compassion to your situation and fill you with hope for a better future
  • We will explain our services, recommend the appropriate care plan, and connect you to one of our trained pastor advocates within 24 hours.
  • We will pray for you and God will pour out His transformative grace to you in a new and powerful way

Struggling with sexual temptation or sin is not a private matter, rather it affects our family, church, and ministry.

Left in darkness, these struggles will usually grow into something even more destructive. We have found that the two greatest lies of the enemy in this area are: 1) “I can handle this on my own” and 2) “this won’t get any worse”. Let us help you now Before It Begins to become sin, Before It Begins to have you in bondage, and Before It Begins to become publicly known with disastrous consequences.

Check out the personal testimony of our President here:

Personal Testimony of Confession and Healing

You are not alone. You are not without hope. Please give us a call.

Call to Action

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B) Train your leaders to promote biblical sexuality
C) Customized promotional and event strategy

Call our anonymous helpline to safely share your story and to be filled with hope for a better future

100% of the people we serve report a deeper relationship with God, a greater understanding of how to overcome temptation, and a meaningful increase in overall wellness.

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Help us achieve our goal to save

pastors from sexual sin and temptation
children from over sexualization and gender-confusion

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